International Shipping Service Packages from $6995.00


Includes:-Services of director and staff-Removal of the deceased from place of death ( statewide)-Preparation,Embalming, Dressing, light Cosmatizing, of the deceased-Choice of 20 gauge sealed casket (must be sealed because of covid-19)-Preparation of necessary documents, translations of documents, and filing of documents with respective consulates -Airfare from Atlanta GA, (usually to mexico city Mexico, san pedro sula Honduras, Guatemala city Guatemala)-Outer protective Air tray-1 hour visitation at funeral home-Transportation of deceased  to Atlanta Airport

-3 certified death certificates (1 certificate will accompany paperwork to consulate, Copies of all documents provided to family)Removal of the body is a sensitive issue, and we understand that. We implement the highest level of care to move the body of your loved one to the crematorium or to be embalmed in preparation for burial. Your family can be assured that no matter where your loved one is being transported to, we will make the move as easy and efficient as possible.No distance is too far for mortuary shipping services; we provide both national and international shipping to ensure that your loved one is moved with extreme care. Regardless of the destination of your loved one, Aarons Bessemer-Birmingham Mortuary SVC, servicing Birmingham, AL, will provide the very best mortuary shipping available.If your loved one chose cremation, and needs to be transported to the crematorium, or if they need to be brought to the embalming location, we provide the best movement from near or far. We pride ourselves on not turning anyone away because of distance. Aarons Bessemer-Birmingham Mortuary SVC will give the highest quality mortuary shipping.We understand that this is difficult for you and your family to go through. We appreciate how emotional this time can be and want to ease that stress by moving your loved one without you having to worry about their journey. Your loved one will be treated with the highest level of care during every step of their journey.

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